Antiques- The Business of Recycling
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                      Antiques; the Business of Recycling

    When my husband and I started our business in 1978 it was to be an outlet
    for local artists. Antiques were an afterthought as a means of displaying
    the art work and having another potential commodity for sale, hence we
    included the word antiques in our name, Ogee's Art & Antiques. We bought
    oak furniture pieces (oak was popular in the 70’s in Idaho) and began
    refinishing until we had a good foundation to open our shop. We opened
    the door two weeks before our Grand Opening and after the first week we
    the auction house, feverishly refinished more oak and had a respectable
    showing when we officially opened the doors. That was the beginning of
    our recycling business.

    We were not like the typical antiques dealers, we had not been collectors.
    We started selling antiques as a business, as a means to make money to
    pay bills. However it didn't take long before we realized that we gained
    pleasure from restoring discarded pieces of furniture and giving them new
    life, in essence, recycling them.

    We reluctantly gave up on the art gallery aspect of our business and
    branched out with the antiques and collectibles. We have dealt with many
    facets of the business over the years. Besides furniture, we have restored
    antique lighting fixtures bringing new light to new homes. Old toys bring
    smiles to new generations. We have taken care that most everything we
    sell works as it did when it was originally sold whether it is a wind up toy or
    an electric toaster. We have always encouraged our customers to use the
    items they purchased. Why not buy an old ice cream scoop instead of new
    one, they both do the same job? An old pottery planter has just as much
    use today as it originally did and it keeps one more item out of the landfill.
    External horn phonographs have always been one of our favorites. Sure
    they look great but we sold them emphasizing they were to be used and
    enjoyed and not meant to be dust collectors…plus they’re still fun if the
    lights go out or if you want entertainment on that one night a week when
    you chose to not to use the electricity!

    We feel the antiques business is unique. We are only caretakers of items,
    recycling them, often with a bit of a facelift, allowing old items to have a
    new life with someone else. It is important to us that we don’t except that
    we are a disposable society and that we preserve what we can of the past
    and recycle our heritage for future generations.

    The antiques business is truly the ultimate recycling vehicle. We had
    always been aware of the importance of recycling but the longer we have
    been in the antiques business the more we appreciate the opportunity we
    have to recycle more than just paper, glass, tin and aluminum. So enjoy
    you’re time on Ruby Lane and “don’t forget to recycle!”