An Ever Changing Business
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    An Ever Changing Business

    More than thirty years in the antiques business has shown us many
    changes. In the late 1970’s a majority of shops were the so called mom and
    pop stores, individually owned and operated, often with unpredictable hours.
    More than once we drove out of our way to a closed shop that was
    advertised to be open.

    Then the idea of antique malls emerged. A couple of dealers, maybe as
    many as 10 or 12 shared a shop and duties and you could usually count on
    them being open with regular hours. It made it so much easier for us to take
    a side trip to a small town out of our way where a mall was advertised to be
    and actually be able to spend some productive time shopping. Suddenly
    there were mega malls like the Brass Armadillo and the malls in
    Pennsylvania where you could shop 12 or more hours a day under one roof
    which we did on many occasions.

    There was a similar evolution taking place in the antiques shows. The first
    shows we did were small, maybe a dozen dealers and they were generally
    just two days long. The attendance was generally a small group that was
    genuinely interested in antiques and collectibles. We jumped from those
    shows, traveling the United States, into shows with a hundred or so sellers
    and hoards of people. They were generally four days long with grueling
    hours like 10am - 9pm. Set-up for the shows were often 2 days long so it
    was not uncommon to be at one facility for 6  twelve hour days. It seemed
    half of those attending those shows were what we, the sellers, would refer
    to as “fairground goers”, people who came to spend the day no matter what
    the event, but it was generally a crowd of potential buyers.

    Antiques dealers, especially traveling ones, have a unique “extended
    family”. You arrive at a show and it’s like old home town week, often with big
    hugs. Some dealers you may have been set up with just last week or maybe
    the week before. Other dealers you may only see a few times a year but
    there is a certain bond that you share. You share the stories of selling and
    buying as you traveled from one venue to the next. You share the horrors of
    winter weather on the road and late night driving. You share stories about
    good motels and bad food or maybe the other way around, of rest stops that
    you wish you didn't have to stop at and port-a-potties in the fields. With
    some, you also share a portion of your personal life and become very close

    Next, really big shows started popping up with hundreds of dealer vying for
    the dollars of a declining, less interested crowd. About that time the newest
    venue was beginning to take off…online, Then really big shows started
    popping up with hundreds and hundreds of Internet Then really big shows
    started popping up with hundreds and hundreds of sales. We tested the
    water with several different sites but settled on one that we felt at home
    with,  Ruby Lane. We’re enjoying our online experience with Ruby Lane and
    our new clientele but I have to say that I sometimes miss the customer base
    we established on the road as well as the individual contact we had with
    shop owners and dealers all across the United States. It will be interesting to
    see what the future holds for this business and what the next phase will be.