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    What do YOU Collect……continued
    collect?” and yet I have helped many people to amass a variety of
    collections. Hopefully over the next couple of months I will share with you
    some of the fun and unusual collections I have been fortunate to have a
    hand in.

    I’ll start with a couple we met many years ago at a show in Denver,
    Colorado. We had a small flat case filled with packets and tins full of
    phonograph needles. We had been selling old wind up phonographs for
    several years and realized that people who had those phonographs often
    needed the old steel needles in order to use their phonographs. At first
    we only bought tins and packages that were full. Some packets are
    rather plain but we realized that some packages had really great
    graphics and so bought empty ones as well. We had a mixed bag for
    sale in our case when this particular couple came into our booth at the
    show. She came in first and after looking through the cases she
    disappeared. A short time later she came back with her husband and
    they asked if they could open the case. I think they must have taken
    every item out of the case before compiling a group they both agreed
    upon. After a brief negotiation they left with 10 different packets and tins,
    wanting more but having financial limitations that we can all appreciate.
    Over the next couple of years they would visit our booth when we sat up
    at the Denver show. It was harder for us to find new and different pieces
    for their collection but ultimately they bought more than fifty items from us
    before we quit going to the show.
    Since then we have found that there are a lot of collectors for the needle
    packets and tins, both empty and full, especially if the graphics and
    condition are good, it just depends on the collector. We have also found
    that there are still a number of people out there that have an old
    phonograph and a stack of records they are longing to play.
    Consequentially we still offer a mixed bag to accommodate both.

    As I stated at the beginning, we began selling old phonographs early in
    our career and there have been several spin-off areas of collecting
    besides the needles. The name Victor with its iconic dog Nipper is a
    great collectible. We have sold Nippers as small as 3” to as large as 3
    feet high and several of them have gone to a collector in Japan where he
    has a lot of the black and white dogs decorating his building! We have
    also helped several collectors to acquire record collections, both cylinder
    and disc records. Probably one of the nicest collections of records we
    helped with was that of Vogue Picture records. These records are
    colorful and graphic and look great when matted and framed. The catch
    with that is you need two of each record if you want to be able to display
    both sides and some of them are very difficult to find.

    We really do enjoy helping other people put together fun and exciting
    collections and look forward sharing more collections with you in the