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Ogee's Antiques
Ogee's Antiques on Ruby Lane
A fun place for buying antiques and
Throughout our shop you'll find collectible items;

  • Antique shoes for ladies and babies
  • Hats, Purses and Gloves
  • Display Items
  • Shoe Stands
  • Hat Stands
  • Vintage Hangers

Remember, these items are just a sample of our
full inventory
1940's Ladies Stetson
Gloves - Made in Italy
High Top Leather Shoes
with French Heels
McCall’s Pattern #5617 -
Aprons & Accessories 1977
Hawaiian Style Majestic Casual Shirt
with Hibiscus Flower Design - Size
Souvenir Silk Scarf
Ripley’s Believe it or Not
Maling’s Sheerlove
Nylon Stockings - Unused
Size 10 1/2
Gentlemen’s Vintage
London Fog Tweed
Fedora Hat
Youthful Creations
Sculpting Girdle - Size 28
Cloche Hat with a
Colorful Floral Stitched