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Ogee's Antiques
Ogee's Antiques
Ogee's Antiques on Ruby Lane
A fun place for buying antiques and
No matter the holiday,
we have a variety of fun items in our shop for
helping you to celebrate and decorate for the
Valentine's Day, Easter, Fourth of July,
Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas
Battery Operated,
Santa Claus Toy with
Original Box
Noma Christmas Tree Clips
on Original Packaging
Halloween Decoration -
Die Cut Pirate
Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern
Halloween Lantern -
Celluloid Witch  
Battery Operated
Old, Thanksgiving Postcard  
Pilgrim Girl & Turkey
Panoramic Sugar Egg
with Little People Inside
Mrs. Claus
Christmas Candle Holder
Patriotic Postcard -
United States Flag & Eagle
Vintage Christmas Postcard
Jolly St. Nicolas
Win a Turkey Punch Board
Unused - Cigarette Advertising
Easter Candy Container
Fuzzy Chick