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Ogee's Antiques
Ogee's Antiques
Ogee's Antiques on Ruby Lane
A fun place for buying antiques and
Our shop has many pottery and
glaze colors. You'll also find
decorative and utilitarian pieces
from companies like Weller, Hull,
and Royal Haegar as well as
various California pottery
Davy Crockett
Ceramic Mug
by Brush Pottery
Flower Frog
Colorful Bird with
Long Tail Feathers
Mexican Pottery
Muted Glaze w Spider and Insects
Ceramic Art Tile
Hunting Dog
Mexican Pottery
Covered Dresser Jar
Thunderbird Canteen
In Brown Glaze
Granny Ann Teapot
Gladding McBean Pottery
Arcadia Carafe
Frankoma Serving Pitcher
Lazybones Pattern
California Pottery
Young Girl
Weller Art Pottery
Small Jardinière
in Forest Line
Art Tile
Cow and Spilt Milk