Vintage Shaving Items
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Ogee's Antiques
Ogee's Antiques
Ogee's Antiques on Ruby Lane
A fun place for buying antiques and
We offer a variety of old shaving items and barbershop accessories.
These are just a few examples.
Norelco Sportsman
Electric Razor in Original Case
Blue Beard
Safety Razor Blade Sharpener
Ladies Safety Razor
with Original Tin & Blade
The Laurel Boudoir Razor
Razor Blades for
The Laurel
Ever Ready 200
Badger Bristle
Shaving Brush
Moustache Comb
Figural Celluloid Elephant
German Razor Blade Sharpener
for Wedge or Double Edge
Pullman Razor Strop
Torrey’s Retractable Strop
with Original Box
Adjustable, Beveled
Shaving Mirror
Warner Sharpener
for Safety Razor Blades
Assorted Razor Blade Packages
Ever-Ready Razor Blade Bank
Tin Treasure Chest
Safety Razor Blade Hone -
Aloxite #45 with Original Box