Babies in Cotton Bale Porcelain Whimsy

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This old porcelain piece has two black baby figures playing in a cotton bale. One baby is peeking through a crude window in the bale and the other is peering over the top. It is rather comical because the babies are 50-50.....only the top half of them is painted black and their bottoms, which are rather hidden, are white! All of the paint is under glaze. Made in Japan is marked on the bottom and it was probably made in the late 1930's to early 40's.

It measures about 2 3/4" tall and 2 3/4" wide and is in good condition with no damage. There is a factory flaw on the top portion of the "window". It appears to be cracked but upon closer inspection of the paint you can tell this was a factory flaw that was apparently acceptable for the export market.

The pictures are not shown at actual size. Please refer to the description for actual measurements.