Vintage Black Memorabilia Souvenir Pin from Cuba

$28.00 plus $5.00 Insured U.S. 1st Class Shipping

This fun piece of jewelry was a souvenir from Cuba. At the top is a piece of plastic with a small safety pin attached to the back. The front reads Cuba. Dangling from the pin holder is a black man figure that appears to be made of small type of nut which is painted with stereotypical features. The body appears to be made of an organic pod and bright blue yarn. It’s a very fun little lapel pin. I believe this is from the 1950’s.

The overall length of the pin about 3 ¾” long and the plastic at the top measures about 1¼” wide. It is in good condition with minimal wear no damage.

The pictures are not shown at actual size. Please refer to the description for actual measurements.