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Ogee's Antiques
Ogee's Antiques on Ruby Lane
A fun place for buying antiques and
We all had a favorite doll or stuffed animal
friend when we were growing up.

Hopefully you'll find one in our shop that
brings back special memories.

And be sure to check our shop for more
collectible toys, dolls and accessories.
Mechanical Squeaker Doll
Painted Tin Head, Original Clothes
Workin’ Out Barbie Doll
& Fashions Gift Set
Tennis & Soccer Clothes
Horsman Ruthie Doll
with Original Outfit
& Hang Tag
Miniature Gold Mohair
Plush Teddy Bear
Nancy Ann Debbie 10” Walker
Doll Gingham Outfit
Old Doll
Celluloid & Cloth,
Pinafore & Pigtails
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Dancing Cuban Dolls with
Bright Costumes
Korean Big Eyed Fashion Doll
in Royal Blue
Annalee Felt Mouse Doll
Chef with Apple or Cherry Pie
Mattel Ken Doll Clothes
Beach Jacket, Sport Jacket &
Over Coat
3 pcs. $20.00
Mattel 1961
Sister Belle Talking Doll