Little Porcelain Mammy Bell with Gold Trim

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This little black mammy figure is an old ceramic bell. She is rather simple with a gold accented rolling pin in her hands. Her face and facial features are hand painted as are her hands and the bow in the back. These items are painted over the white glaze. Her dress has gold trim and her shoes are also painted gold. Her bandana is a very pale pink and it appears to be colored under the glaze. Inside her full skirt is a small porcelain clapper on a little string. On the bottom edge it is stamped Japan. I would assume she was made in the late 1940's or 1950's.

She measures about 3 ¼” tall and although somewhat crudely made, she is in nice condition with minor wear and no damage.

The pictures are not shown at actual size. Please refer to the description for actual measurements.