Black Memorabilia - Glass Advertising Ashtray
The Royal Restaurant of Garden City, Idaho


This old glass ashtray is advertising a restaurant that was popular in Garden City, Idaho in the 1950’s. The ashtray is basically square with a round interior and it has four cigarette rests. In the inside, in red, white and black, is the fun logo for The Royal 20. The image of a black chef wearing a very large hat is in the center. The hat reads “Smokquee” which was the name of the mascot. The bottom edge of the decal reads Famous for Smokqued Ribs. The graphics are applied to the bottom. This is a fun piece of advertising and black memorabilia.

It measures about 3 3/8” square by 7/8” high and is in very good condition with minimal wear and no damage.

The pictures are not shown at actual size. Please refer to the description for actual measurements.