Vintage Wind-up T.P.S. Toy - Black Calypso Joe Native Drummer

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This colorful tin wind up toy was made in Japan by the TPS company. It features a caricature of a native African man with his large drum. He has a fringed skirt of sorts with matching bands around his wrists. His hands are made of a hard rubber. When by the attached key on the back, the man beats the drum several times then raises up before repeating his action. He is mounted on a curved base so his movement causes the base to rock back and forth adding to the action. On the side is the 3 finger T.P.S. logo mark with Trade Mark – Made in Japan. I believe this is from the 1950’s and I believe he was originally marketed as Calypso Joe the Drummer, a counterpart to Pango-Pango.

The toy measures about 6” tall and the base measures about 4 ½” long by 1 ¾” wide. The tin and litho are in nice condition with minor scuff and scratch wear. The base does have a crease and dent toward the back. The fringe is mussed up and age discolored and the top of the drum also has some discoloration. The bottom of the drum is torn but it still makes melodic noise. The toy is in good working condition although sometimes the hands cross over one another which halts the action.

The pictures are not shown at actual size. Please refer to the description for actual measurements.